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Agile Demodulator DM-960-V1

Model No: 


Main Features:
Built in CPU Control and two digit LED Display
AGC Circuit and SAW Filter
Last channel Memory
VHF/UHF and CATV band input channels are available
Offer AC ouput power
Standard 19" rack mount

 Model No.  DM-960-T
 Product  Agile Adjacent Channel SAW Filter De-Modulator
 RF Input  PAL BIG 46-870 MHz
 Input Level  -5 dBmV to +2dBmV
 Noise figure  10dB(Max)
 Tuning Increment  PAL BIG 50.0 KHz
 Image Rejection  PAL BIG VHP 50 dB
 Output Level  1.0Vpp(typ)75ohms
 Frequency response  PAL BIG 0-4.0 MHz + -1. 5dB4.43- 6 MHz - 3dB
 Differential Gain  <= 5%
 Differential Phase Gain  <=2'
 Output Level  500 mVrms (for 600 ohms load)
 S/N Ratio  55 dB (typ)
 Video IF Carrier Frequency  PAL BIG, 38.90 MHz
 Power Supply  220 V+-10%, 50 Hz, 10VA
 Dimensions and weight  485(L)x140(W)x44(H),3.0Kg


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